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Fuck Me Good


Zayn Malik Mature One Shot. Enjoy!

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I let the ice cold blade run down the pads of my finger tips, watching it reflect the light from the fluorescent bulbs above me. She was watching my every move as people passed us, stumbling and regurgitating as their alcohol back lashed on their insides. She kissed the back of my ear and whispered lyrics into my ear.

You put me on a feel that I never had, never had, never had. Never.

I breathed in heavily and glided the blade on the white chunks of snow-like dust, breaking the powder into smaller particles. She rolled the dollar up and I looked into her eyes. Her pupils were wide, the blossoming specks of black between her colored orbs. She bit her lip and ran the dollar down my lips. 

"Go ahead." I muttered with a sly smile. She gave me a similar look and winked before she leaned down and let the dollar help her vacuum up the cocaine in her nose. She sniffed a few times while I tugged her draping locks to the side of her shoulder. She sat up and yelled out cheerfully, stomping her feet happily. 

"Look into my eyes, now." She demanded with a laugh. I did so immediately and watched her pupils dilate into peas, the pool of her striking-colored orbs overtaking her whole eye. "Tell me how it looks." 

"They’re almost completely covered in your eye color. No pupil visible. And it’s fucking beautiful.” I admitted with a chuckle. She laughed with me and pressed her lips against mine with much force, my tongue tangling in her rapid one. She was always so crazy, so free when she was with me. Mostly because she was high. She couldn’t feel a damn thing. But God damn, she’s beautiful. She was something I’ve never seen before and I wanted her every second of every fucking day.

"Here, your turn. C’mon. I’ll make you feel comfortable." She said with a grin. I smirked and took the dollar from her and leaned down. I let the substance enter me, making me sniff a bit. I rubbed my nose and inhaled, feeling her lips graze upon my neck. I felt the touch of her fingers through my hair, tugging a bit as her tongue ran down my neck. I turned my head and felt her face. She laughed and felt mine. I couldn’t feel her touch soon enough, and I started to touch my own face.

"I can’t feel my face. What’s in this?" I asked in shock as I tried to grip onto reality.

"Can you taste it? It’s Novocane." She said deviously with a large smile. "Don’t let the high go to waste." She warned with a pout. I nodded and she grabbed my hand.

"Where are we going?" I asked in disbelief, not being able to see where she was taking me. 

"We’re going anywhere." She said mysteriously. She pushed me onto a brick wall and let her lips graze against mine. 

"I want you." I whispered as fog escaped my mouth against her pursed lips. She palmed me through my black jeans and tugged at my belt loops.

"What’re you gonna do about it, baby?" She asked with Bambi eyes, innocence roaming her orbs but she was reeking of sin. 

"I’m gonna fuck you numb." I groaned out to her. I grabbed her chin and made her look into my eyes. "I’m gonna fuck you long, fuck you until you can’t feel your own fingers on your clit."

She laughed eagerly at my words and she nodded. “Let me make you feel good first.” She suggested as she unbuckled my belt. She soon got my jeans down to the ground, falling to meet with my hard on. “Mhm, look at you. So needy for me. Already wet on the tip.” She described as she let her hot breath tingle against my length. I groaned out as she teased me.

"You sure you can make me feel how good you are with your mouth around me?" I asked. She scoffed as if that was the stupidest question she had ever heard and gripped my cock tighter, making me hiss with pleasure. "Fuck." 

I soon felt her tongue run around the pre-cum on my tip. She licked around the top of me, sucking it slowly while her tongue swirled in patterns. I grabbed her hair and guided her against my length. I felt the buzz of her voice on me, hums of the song she was singing to me earlier making me go crazy.

Novacane, baby, baby. Novacane baby I want you. Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb.

Fuuuuuck, baby. Just like that. You look so fucking hot.” I moaned out. She looked up at me, her eyes wide and glistening as she gagged on my cock. I felt the burning tension in the pit of my stomach rise as she bobbed her head faster, my length reaching the back of her throat. She took me in whole and started to swallow around me, sending me over the edge. 

"Shit, baby. I’m gonna cum." I breathed out heavily. She kept swallowing around me and I spilled into her throat. She swallowed my liquids and slowly trailed her mouth off of me. I pulled her up by her hair and she laughed insanely with such anticipation. I turned her around and pushed her back against the wall. I let my tongue course up from her collarbone, up her neck all the way to the curve of her jaw. I kissed her there slowly and heard her breathing hitch.

"Do I make you nervous?" I ask cunningly. She nodded and I smirked on her ear. "Good." I whispered, a whimper escaping her 1-inch parted lips. She held onto my hand and led me to the lining of her jeans. I pulled on it with much aggression, making her crash onto my lips. 

"I’m so fucking addicted to you, it’s scares the shit out of me." She admitted with a smile of seduction. I could tell she was being honest. I noticed everything about her. Mostly the way she fidgeted and held in moans when I was with her, pressed against her body. Only the heat from our skin evident. 

"I’m glad." I purred as I unbuttoned her pants. I slide my hand in her pants and pressed three fingers onto her heated clit. She grabbed my face and made me look into her eyes. "Eager?" I chuckled as she breathed unevenly, laughing with me.

"I’m always eager for you." She whispered against my closed lips. I smiled cockily and started rubbing her clit slowly, my lips peppering kisses along her cold skin. She breathed out shakily and grabbed a hold of my bicep, nails digging into my leather jacket. 

"Fuck." She muttered as I entered two fingers into her, curving my fingers with each pump. 

"You like that, baby? Do you want my cock?" I asked with my lips raised half way up into a smirk. She nodded ferociously and I took my fingers out of her. I pulled her jeans down and twisted her around roughly, pushing her upper body on the brick wall. I heard a dark laugh echo from out of her red lips. 

"Don’t hold back, hon." She tilted her head to the side and I caught a smile on her lips. I licked my hands and dragged them on her slit, then around my shaft. 

"You know I never hold back, beautiful." I whispered in her ear right before I slammed my cock inside of her heat. 

"Oh fuck!" She yelled out. I laughed breathlessly as I went quicker with my thrusts, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. 

"You fucking like it when I pound into you?"  I asked against her ear. She nodded and whimpered, only our skin slapping and ear shattering moans filling the secluded area. "Do you want me to make you cum, baby? Hmm?" I asked and she nodded without any hesitation. I laughed in her ear and bit her lobe. "Thought so." 

"You love to taunt me whenever we fuck, don’t you?" She utters out of her mouth. I kissed her neck and pulled myself out of her wet heat, turning her around to face me.

"I don’t know what you mean." I say with a grin reaching from ear to ear. She bit her lip and grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me into her lips and kissing me hard. 

"You know exactly what I fucking mean. Now get down on your knees and suck my clit before I walk out of here leaving you so fucking hard and unsatisfied." She taunted with a demanding voice, making me even more excited to get her to cum. To cum inside of her. She puts me on a feel I never had. It sends me over the edge whenever we fuck. Especially when she bosses me around.

"Sure thing, lovely." I kiss down her stomach while looking up at her, earning a wink from her. She held onto the top of my head when I reached her throbbing clit. I licked her slick folds slowly, making her moan. I kissed from the top of her slit to the bottom, letting my index finger and middle finger rest on top of her folds. I spread her lips apart and licked from her pussy up to her clit. 

"Shit, baby. Don’t make me beg." She warned as her hips moved up. I pushed her hips back onto the cold walls and looked up at her.

"Don’t fucking move. Do you want to cum?" I ask seriously. She bites her lip and nods slowly and I nod once. "Then don’t move. Let me make you cum. Just don’t move.” She agrees and I let my tongue circle her clit, moving up and down slowly. I suck on her nub harshly, letting my tongue trail up and down on her. 

"Oh fuck, Zayn." She droned out. I started to move my tongue quicker, putting two fingers into her and pumping them in the same rhythm of my tongue. I notice her legs quiver and her hands grip my hair tightly and I know she’s about to cum. I start to go quicker, my tongue flicking up and down fast paced. "Shit, shit, shit, Zayn I’m gonna-"

I pulled my tongue from her and grabbed the back of her thighs, picking her up. I guided my cock on her pussy, slapping it on the nub and entering her slowly. “Fuck,” I groaned out as I looked in her eyes, “you’re so much more wet.” I say with a smile. “Who did this to you?”

She was about to answer back with something witty until I pulled out of her and slammed into her deep. “Oh, fuck me!” She yelled out as her head fell to my shoulder. I pulled myself out of her again and slammed inside of her, grinding inside of her slowly. 

"Mhm, you feel so good around me." I started to go faster inside of her, our skin slapping rapidly. I watched as she bounced on me, her nails desperately wanting to dig into my shoulder blades. Her lips were parted, only soft breaths and hummed moans leaving her. I started to pound into her harder than I ever had, the high I had making me grow insane with anticipation to cum inside of her. 

"You gonna cum for me?" She asked. 

"Fuck yes." I trailed out as I laid my head on her shoulder. She grabbed my face and made me look into her eyes. I felt myself grow weary and tired, nearing my euphoric end. 

"Holy shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck." I groaned out. 

Just as I was about to come undone, she brought her lips close to mine, whispering the lyrics a top my quivering lips. “Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb.

"Jesus Christ, baby. Oh fuck!" I yelled out, cumming inside of her core. I felt her clench around me as I pounded into her slowly like before.

"Ah shit, Zayn. I’m fucking cumming." She moaned out as her hot liquid ran around my cock. I pounded into her a few more times before collapsing onto the concrete floor with her on top of me. I exited out of her and pulled my pants up, zipping it up and buttoning it. She stood up in front of me and I watched her as she pulled her jeans up her fit body. I slapped her ass and heard a shriek leave from her grin.  She gave me her hand and I got up. I let my hand rake into her sex hair and pulled her into my lips for a deep kiss. 

"I’ll never forget you." I whispered on her lips. 

"I know you won’t. When’re we doing this again?" She asked as I let my lips kiss her neck. 

"Anytime you want, baby." I decree. She grabs my bottom of my chin and lifts it, looking me in the eyes. 

"You gonna make me cum more than once?" She asks with a smirk.

I smirked and groped her ass, pulling her close to me. I kissed her again and let my teeth pull her bottom lip. She whimpered and I laughed. “I fucking plan on it.” 


Novacane, baby, baby.

Novacane baby I want you.

Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb. 

Love me now, when I’m gone, love me none.

Love me none,

Love me none. Numb, numb, numb, numb. 

Novacane, Novacane, Novacane, Novacane, Novacane.

Numb the pain, numb the pain, numb the pain, numb the pain, numb the pain. 

Novacane, Novacane, Novacane, Novacane, Novacane.

For the pain, for the pain,

Novacane, Novacane.

- So what did you guys think of the new one shot? Was this a good comeback or did it fucking suck? Please let me know so I can see if I’ll write a part two (no guarantees) and if I should start writing smut again! xx

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